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Ethnic Issues & National Integration

National integration is the sense of togetherness or oneness towards one’s own nation irrespective of their race, regional and lingual difference. It involves the passion which brings people together in one unit. When this occurs, individuals are likely to work and cooperate with one another to build a system that enhances the development and prosperity of a nation and its people.  Pakistan was created on the idea of oneness instead of regional and race difference. After the creation of Pakistan Quaid –ie –Azam rightly stated this issue so that the future generation can live under the shade of nationalism.

“We are now all Pakistanis, not Balochi, Pathans, Sindhi, Bengalis, Punjabi and so and as Pakistani we must feel, behave, and act and we should be proud to be as Pakistanis and nothing else”

After the creation of Pakistan in 1947,  The national structure has been weakened. One nation theory and the Islamic ideology was the one main force behind the separation of the subcontinent. The conflicting socio-political society was not handled properly by the existing body of government. Many ethnic groups like Punjabi, Pushto, Bangali, Balochi were the prominent indigenous for the state. The state adopted the policy of authoritarian in this response many groups started the struggle for identity. The big misshape we faced in the face of separation by the Bengali. The State used the wrong power of authority in this result Bangladesh was created. Now presently the state did not learn the lesson of this big loss there are many groups who are being deprived by the rights which is very dangerous to every progressive society.

In the west there is no space for education inequality there is one and universal education system which has also been strengthening the ideological boundaries of integration and made the people rightful.

Another factor affecting the integrity of the nation is the lack of universal educational system throughout the country. since the emergence of the day of Pakistan, the government did not provide the integral uniformed education system to the youth of nation this created hatred among the people we left as Punjabi,Sindhi and Balochi and neglected the idea of integration. Policies of education were made according to the well of some groups irrespective of whole nation motive. It also fastened the way of unity.

Political pluralism also played a massive role to risen the ethnic issues. Every party advocated his own motto instead of nationalism from PMLN , PPP ,JUIF and PTI. We as nation also saw the sole hearting event of 1971 which parted us in east and west Pakistan .

The non-political and the political groups like sarki party, Baloch haq Talwar

Baloch student organization and Baloch Awami party damaged a lot of the national integration of Pakistan. The social and economic grievances of the tribal areas and the downtrodden also arisen the ethnicity among the backward people they were neglected by the government.  The migrated class who left everything for the sake of Pakistan and sacrificed their each and everything had been to facing struggled just for the identity of being as a Pakistani. Among the modern scenario, the USA presents the best example, where the ethnic groups with different cast and creed and religious spots merged in American identity and equally enjoying the democratic rights. Another example is Canada where many ethnic groups live but the state introduced such multilingual policy that each and everyone enjoying freely as a good citizen of Canada.

It would be very just to say the long rule of the military from 1977 and from 1999 to 2008 had also inactive the power of federal institutions and provinces. The power of democracy introduced and rule the west there is no military involvement in the state matter and other policies related to the sovereignty of the state and soft tissues.

This ethnic issue and integration of the nation are as old as the history of this country. Made on an ideological ground with the religion of Islam as its prime source of identification. Pakistan faced numerous issues of language and ethnicity in its cumulative phase. Ethnic nationalism began to be a conflict with religion formally in the East Pakistan where language movement emerged as force challenging those who wanted that country should be ruled according to the notion of Islam rather than language and ethnicity or place of the region.

Last but not least, the questions arise how the state of Pakistan can strength the passion of nationalism and integration ? The solution is very easy and evident before all the stakeholders of state, Pakistan was created on the ideology of Islam we must follow the rules and regulations of Islam and the state of Madina, we should not follow the approaches, like pluralism and nationalism, we have a successful history in all the matters of state affairs. We have the examples of the state of Madina and the life of Khalifa who ruled all over the world with just fair and equality. Where the law was the supreme force and where the deprecated people were welcomed and given the rights despite their caste and creed. It is need of the hour to follow the Islamic State rules in each and every matter of life, in this way there will be no space for hatred among the people  .there will be the rule of law for rich and poor. This is the way we can nourish the passion and notion national integration among all the people of Pakistan, nobody would be left behind and everyone would enjoy his life without fear of identity, cast race and sect.


By M. Shahzad Mughal

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  • very well written article to address the issues of nationalism and oneness. i second to you in the thought that religion is the only platform which has bonded us together. the ideology of islam is all about oneness. recently i read a hadith that i would ike to share :
    “Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, Allah Almighty is pleased with you by three things and displeased by three things. He is pleased for you to worship him without associating anything with him, to hold fast to the rope of Allah altogether, and to not become divided. He is displeased for you to gossip among yourselves, to ask many unnecessary questions, and to waste your wealth.”
    (Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 1715)
    Quran also teaches us about oneness .
    so the basic teachings of Islam is all about “Unity” and “dont get devided”. Being a Pakistani i can understand that our nation has proved in all critical time that we are only Pakistanis, not Balochi, punjabi, Sindhi or Pathans.

  • A thought provoking article dear brother , really proud of you for this effort ,you highlited all aspects where we need to work.
    Stay blessed and keep writing . 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Very good Mr Shehzad..
    Much informative and shows your nice thinking especially closing is really appreciatable..
    “It is need of the hour to follow the Islamic State rules in each and every matter of life, in this way there will be no space for hatred among the people .there will be the rule of law for rich and poor. This is the way we can nourish the passion and notion national integration among all the people of Pakistan, nobody would be left behind and everyone would enjoy his life without fear of identity, cast race and sect.”

  • aik hoon muslim Haram ki pasbani k liye
    neil k sahil se la kar ta b khake kashagar
    hum bahasiat aik qoom hi survive kar sakte hain.sindhi,punjabi,balochi ya pathan ban kar nahi.hamare nazaryat Islam ne banay hain r isi main hamari baqaa ha!
    well done !for making a try to unite muslims.