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CSS English Vocabulary ( 2 August 2020)

CSS English Vocabulary ( 2 August 2020)

Bustle : 
move in an energetic and busy manner.
Example: “people clutching clipboards bustled about”


deny the truth of (a statement) by asserting the opposite.
Example: “the survey appears to contradict the industry’s claims”


someone or something that has been left out or excluded.
Example: “there are glaring omissions in the report”


spread (something, especially information) widely.
Example: “health authorities should foster good practice by disseminating information”


likely or liable to suffer from, do, or experience something unpleasant or regrettable.
Example: “farmed fish are prone to disease”

Hazard :

danger or risk.
Example: “the hazards of childbirth”


very serious or gloomy.
Example: “his grim expression”


make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others.
Example: “Brenda was forced to reveal Robbie’s whereabouts”


an inclination towards a particular characteristic or type of behaviour.
Example: “for students, there is a tendency to socialize in the evenings”


not obstructed or hindered.
Example: “an unimpeded view across the headland”
Saif Ullah Rumi 
M.Phil Political Science 


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